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Peaceful Parenting Helps Parents And Kids

Discipline can be such a vague word when it comes to parenting. Oftentimes, it is being used to justify actions that can be deemed abusive. On the other hand, tolerating parents applies none of it at all in fear of being judged.
Either of those situations is unfavorable for the child, and they can suffer from it in the long run.
It is better to exercise discipline if peaceful parenting is implemented. Peaceful parenting is simply responsible parenting with a calmer voice, a more open mind, and a stronger heart. It can be tough for many parents who have not experienced such parenting during their childhood.
That is why …

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Sleep Tips for Newborn Baby

The joy of having a newborn baby is unfathomable. But along with that newfound happiness are many challenges that accompany it. One of those challenges is putting your baby to sleep. Newborns need a lot of it since their bodily functions are still limited.
As a mother, you’ll need guidance on how to do things right. However, what may work for one baby may not work for yours. Instead of specific methods, what you need are sleeping tips. Here are 10 of them that you can try on your baby:

Realize what’s the best method, position, or situation for your baby.
Ease up during the first 3 months. Do not worry much …

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10 Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Child Each Day

Babies can grow fast and before you know it, you may be missing a lot. If you fail to connect more with your children while they are still very young, it might have repercussions in their later years.
Whenever possible, strengthen your relationship with them every day. Here are 10 habits that you can apply:

Be physically in touch – One effective method is hugging. Aim for at least 12 hugs with your child, daily.
Play with them – Make use of funny gestures that your child finds adorable or you can just join in smoothly while your child is playing.
Interact …