The joy of having a newborn baby is unfathomable. But along with that newfound happiness are many challenges that accompany it. One of those challenges is putting your baby to sleep. Newborns need a lot of it since their bodily functions are still limited.

As a mother, you’ll need guidance on how to do things right. However, what may work for one baby may not work for yours. Instead of specific methods, what you need are sleeping tips. Here are 10 of them that you can try on your baby:

  • Realize what’s the best method, position, or situation for your baby.
  • Ease up during the first 3 months. Do not worry much if you failed to do what the majority thinks that you have to regarding baby sleep.
  • In the first few months, try everything possible just to make your baby go to sleep. You can try using a pacifier, breastfeeding towards sleeping, rocking the cradle, or letting them cry to sleep, as long as the doctor approves it.
  • Adjust your sleeping pattern with that of your baby. Keep in mind that they frequently wake up at night since it is part of his/her biological clock.
  • Keep the baby close to you as much as possible. When craving for a nap, let your baby be.
  • Do not overload your baby with new stimulation.
  • Keep the baby’s sleep environment consistent. As much as possible, have him/her sleep in a peaceful environment.
  • Try a motion map if peaceful, quiet methods won’t work often.
  • Acknowledge that getting your baby to sleep is a success.
  • Seek assistance if you find yourself unable to complete the sleeping task.

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