Postpartum is the stage where the challenges of motherhood start. Your body is just beginning to revert to normal while you adjust to having someone whose life totally depends on you. It is normal to be confused or feel that you are unprepared.

That is why consulting your OB-GYN can definitely help you ease your worries. Here are 3 best pieces of advice coming from most experts in OB-GYN for new mothers about postpartum:

Create a postpartum plan

The best time to create your postpartum plan is during your third trimester. What do you need to plan for? Everything, from supplies to the people you need for assistance and the detailed routines. The moment your child is born, they’re at their most fragile state. Careful preparation can ease the way you handle things.

The best people who can help you create a plan are your partner and your parents. They will be the ones you can count on if you need anything or have doubts about what you are doing. If you need some relatable perspectives, connect with your friends or peers that are also mothers.

Manage your mood changes and sleep

Sleep can be rare once the baby is out. It is only normal as there are many maternal activities needed to be done in the first 12 months. Of course, you definitely need a healthy amount of sleep, but your baby needs you more. As long as you have ironed out your postpartum plan, you can schedule it accordingly.

Another common thing during postpartum is mood changes. Other people call it the ‘baby blues’. Clinically, it is often attributed to a medical issue called PPD or postpartum depression. This is normal but must not be disregarded at all. If such changes can be hard to manage, therapy must be sought immediately.

Leverage technology to your benefit

Worries can contribute to one’s struggle as a mother. To help you lessen those, you better leverage devices that are beneficial. Baby monitors, scheduling apps, breast pumps, and more can definitely make your life easier and can enable you to perform at your best as a mother.

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