You might have heard a lot of people discouraging ab workouts while pregnant. Many worry that it might do some damage. Medically speaking, there can be a risk of ‘diastasis recti’ or the separation of the abdominal wall. However, not all ab workouts are for the sake of pursuing 6-pack muscles, which is completely irrelevant during pregnancy.

Most doctors recommend core strengthening exercises, which are generally ab workouts. Having a strong core can improve the balance of pregnant women and prevent poor posture. If you want to try safe exercises that have a much lesser risk of coning, here are 4 of them that you can try:

Core Breath

You can start while standing, sitting, or lying down. While inhaling, allow your abdomen to expand like a balloon. As you exhale, release the stored breath fully as if you engaging your baby towards your spine.

Repeat 10 times at the appropriate pace.

Bird Dog

Get down on all fours with toes pointing outward. Raise your right leg and straighten it out. Simultaneously, raise your left arm and straighten it out also as if you’re reaching for something.

Hold the pose for about 5 cycles of breathing. Lower the limbs and do the same for the opposites.

Split Squat

Do a lunge position. As you inhale, straighten your legs in order to stand. Resume to the initial position as you exhale.

Perform 5 reps with one side forward and then switch position to repeat again for another 5.

Supine Psoas Toner and Lengthener

Lie down on your back while your knees are slightly bent and your feet lie flat on the floor. As you exhale, lift off one foot and grab the knee lightly towards your core. Hold for a good 1-2 seconds.

Now, resume the initial position. As you do it, inhale and then straighten the lowered leg for a good 1-2 seconds. Return back again to the initial position.

Repeat about 5 times before switching sides.

When a certain pose of the workout makes you feel discomfort, stop right away. It is also highly recommended to ask for your doctor’s approval before proceeding to perform the suggested ab workouts.

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