A successful delivery marks a brand new chapter for the couple. Thanks to the efforts of the mother, the whole clan can enjoy the newly added member.

However, it is important not to overlook the accomplishment. The best you can do is to offer gifts while she is still in the hospital. If you have no idea what to give her, here are some proven-and-tested ideas:


Obviously, women like flowers unless they are allergic to them. Flowers symbolize acknowledging the presence of the female half. Sometimes, female friends can give the new mom flowers too. There is something about the beauty of flowers that just makes women feel appreciated.


Perhaps the easiest gift idea, food never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face. After the grueling struggle of giving birth to a human, it is only logical to replenish all the energy being expended. You may be tempted to order from a fast food chain, but home-cooked meals can definitely hit the emotional spot.


If you are creative enough, you can make some accessories for the new mom. It can be a handkerchief with the word “congratulations!” being handcrafted or a quick sketch of her holding the baby. Accessories can be gifts that may stand the test of time.

Picture Frame

If you want a piece of memory to be immortalized but lack the creativity to do so, try taking a picture instead and then have it printed and framed.

Baby Products

Baby products can definitely provide convenience for new moms. After all, you’ll be contributing more to her preparation which can somehow ease her journey of being a mother.

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