Most women will experience bleeding within the first 6 weeks of their postpartum stage. It is only normal since they have just given birth quite recently. However, that situation is definitely uncomfortable. In order to handle that, postpartum pads must be used.

Why postpartum pads?

Typically, they are larger pads that can be used overnight. The bleeding that happens during the first 6 weeks of postpartum occurs because the uterus is undergoing a process of repairing and healing. It can happen possibly at any time and can be a lot. For that reason, menstrual cups and tampons are discouraged to be used.

In order to select the best postpartum pads, you have to consider the following:

  • Comfort – Pads can be comfortable if they fit well whatever position you’re in.
  • Absorption – Bigger pads can absorb more fluids.
  • Size – The coverage can affect both the absorption rate and comfort of the user.
  • With wings – Wings will help the pads in being stable so that there will be no leaks.
  • Disposability – Disposable pads are readily available but reusable are more economical.

To make your decision-making easy, we listed the best postpartum pads in the market today. Here are seven of them:

  • Always Maxi Overnight – Best disposable postpartum pads available
  • Poise Incontinence – Probably the strongest leak-prevention postpartum pads
  • U By Kotex Extra Heavy Overnight – Overnight pads for those prone to heavy bleeding
  • Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight – All-around postpartum pads that are ultra-thin
  • Natracare – Guaranteed environment-friendly pads
  • The Honey Pot Company – Specially designed for sensitive skin
  • Charlie Banana Super Plus – Amazingly eco-friendly reusable pads

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