Are Ab Workouts Safe During Pregnancy

You might have heard a lot of people discouraging ab workouts while pregnant. Many worry that it might do some damage. Medically speaking, there can be a risk of ‘diastasis recti’ or the separation of the abdominal wall. However, not all ab workouts are for the sake of pursuing 6-pack muscles, which is completely irrelevant during pregnancy.
Most doctors recommend core strengthening exercises, which are generally ab workouts. Having a strong core can improve the balance of pregnant women and prevent poor posture. If you want to try safe exercises that have a much lesser risk of coning, here are 4 of them that you can try:

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Pregnancy Announcement After Loss

Most cultures have their own superstitions during pregnancy. A very common one is to announce the pregnancy publicly only when passed the first trimester. Many believed that announcing earlier might “jinx” the pregnancy in a few ways. I personally have doubts but since I’m part of that culture, I adopted it.
I did make my pregnancy public after 12 weeks. It was a rough journey even though I’m not a first-time mother, but I made it to the last trimester. With just a few weeks before the due date, I suddenly felt something. After a medical check-up, I received the news that broke my heart into a million pieces: my unborn child…